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URL length

The proposed URL is the longest length of less than255byte.
The item score of 20 points.

Static page parameter

In a static page using dynamic parameters, will cause the spider repeated and repeated crawl.
The item score of 20 points.

Page content

Meta information degree of perfection

The lack of keywords and description meta tags, which may be on your webpage display and sorting produce certain effect.
The item score of 20 points.
Content length: 28 Byte, Recommends no more than 160 bytes.
VIVOTEK - Official Home Page
Content length: 0 Byte, Recommends no more than 200 bytes.
Content length: 170 Byte, Recommends no more than 400 bytes.
VIVOTEK is a leading global brand in security industry, delivering world-class IP surveillance solutions, IP cameras, video servers, NVR, and central management software.

The image Alt information

To add this information can make you a picture on a webpage makes it easy for the user to retrieve.
The item score of 17 points.
<img src=/image/all/vivotek-logo-m.svg class=vivotek_logoimg>
<img src=/image/all/vivotek-logo.svg class=vivotek_logoimg>
<img src=/image/homepage/ban_2_4_000.jpg class=rsImg>

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Frame will cause the spider capture more difficult, suggest you try not to use.
The item score of 0 points.
<iframe src="" height=0 width=0 style=display:none;visibility:hidden></iframe>

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